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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yeaaaaaa, I Won

Yeaaaaaa, I Won   over at Brenda's Sewing Nook, she was giving pattern by groups  and I was selected as one of the winners......Congrats to all the wonderful sewists in the group and I feel blessed to be among such celebrities.

I am not sure it's blog etiquette to repost someone else post but didn't know how to add her link so those of you who would be so kind   ....can you help a sister out?

And The Winners Are.....
Hello Fellow Bloggers:

I know you've been waiting for the results!  I waited until now to announce the winners hoping others would chime in. Guess what,  there were a total of  10 entries (7 individuals). Thank you all for  entering.  Your input was most helpful and your enthusiasm - contagious!!!!  Thanks.

No entries for Groups 1 & 5

Group 2 --  AliceMarie

Group 3 ---  Graca

Group 4 --- Sheila CTZ

Group 6 ---  Faye Lewis

Group 7 --- Joyce in NC;  Serenity, Love, Sincere, Peace, Earth
Fashion Star Collection --- JuliN  (SURPRISE!!!!)

Congratulations to all of you and I hope you make beautiful garments!