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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yeaaaaaa, I Won

Yeaaaaaa, I Won   over at Brenda's Sewing Nook, she was giving pattern by groups  and I was selected as one of the winners......Congrats to all the wonderful sewists in the group and I feel blessed to be among such celebrities.

I am not sure it's blog etiquette to repost someone else post but didn't know how to add her link so those of you who would be so kind   ....can you help a sister out?

And The Winners Are.....
Hello Fellow Bloggers:

I know you've been waiting for the results!  I waited until now to announce the winners hoping others would chime in. Guess what,  there were a total of  10 entries (7 individuals). Thank you all for  entering.  Your input was most helpful and your enthusiasm - contagious!!!!  Thanks.

No entries for Groups 1 & 5

Group 2 --  AliceMarie

Group 3 ---  Graca

Group 4 --- Sheila CTZ

Group 6 ---  Faye Lewis

Group 7 --- Joyce in NC;  Serenity, Love, Sincere, Peace, Earth
Fashion Star Collection --- JuliN  (SURPRISE!!!!)

Congratulations to all of you and I hope you make beautiful garments! 


  1. It's another win for you. Please check my blog for detail

  2. Hi AliceMarie, thanks for commenting on my blog. Has your sewing block passed yet? Can't wait to see some of your designs!

  3. Thanks so much for your visiting and your recent helpful comment. :-). It gets frustrating @ times because it makes it appear as if all of your hard work has gone down the tubes. :-). Thank you for the suggestions. :-). God bless. -JC